Insurance Buyers News – May/June 2021

Insurance Access Legislation for Marijuana Industry Introduced in Senate

marijuana storeCurrent federal law makes access to insurance products by cannabis businesses illegal. Read on for details.

How to Spot a Fake PPE Mask

mask diagramMillions of counterfeit masks have been seized by federal agents and millions more are likely still in use. Read on for details.

COVID-19 Related Employment Liability Claims Update

business man under waterA majority of the claims involve an allegation of wrongful termination. Read on for details.

Drivers Say They Fear Cyber Hi-Jackers

More U.S. motorists are getting worried about possible cyber-attacks on their connected vehicles, a survey by HSB, part of Munich Re, reported recently. Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – May 2021

Should You Use Your Credit Card to Pay Your Medical Insurance Premiums?

stack of credit cardsThere are pros and cons. Read on for details.

Think You’re Too Old for Life Insurance? Think Again!

older couple shopping for life insuranceHere’s a review of the most common policies available to seniors. Read on for details.

Take Control of Prescription Costs

pill capsule filled with dollar signPrescription drug costs have become so expensive many patients are having to decide between filling a prescription or not taking it all. Read on for details.

Why It Pays to Report Insurance Fraud

Fraud costs the insurance industry more than $40 billion annually, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). To cover these losses, insurance companies pass costs along to consumers.
Read on for details.

Employee Benefits Report – April 2021

Federal Government Allows 401(k) Distributions for Birth or Adoption

piggy bankYour employees can use their 401(k) savings to help with the costs of a qualified birth or adoption. Read on for details.

Individual vs. Group Long-Term Care Coverage for Employees

doctor holding signConsidering whether to offer long-term care insurance to employees? How does group long-term compare to individual long-term insurance? Read on for details.

HealthCare Options for Unemployed Workers

COVID 19 Claimes file foldersHow President Biden’s executive orders could affect health care coverage and the way we address the pandemic. Read on for details.

COVID-19: Do You Have Liability?

Lawmakers are looking into legislation to shield employers against unreasonable liability due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – March/April 2021

What Impact Will the Biden Administration Have on the Insurance Industry?

whitehouseExpect a great deal of legislative activity on a wide range of issues affecting the property/casualty industry.
Read on for details.

8 Major Cyber Security Concerns in the Age of COVID

computer hackerMore employees working from home means more possibilities for cyber security breaches. Read on for details.


Does Your Business Need Flood Insurance?

business man under waterA standard commercial policy typically does not cover damage due to flooding, including hurricane storm surge flooding. Read on for details.

Some Consumer Responses to the Pandemic

A new survey from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that two-thirds of respondents worked from home at least part of the time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – February 2021

Congress Takes the Surprise Out of Surprise Billings

woman looking at hospital billCongress is putting an end to surprise billing by hospitals. Read on for details.

Pros and Cons of Having Two Health Insurance Policies

open enrollment formIf having one health insurance policy is good, is having two even better? Read on for details.

The Increased Importance of Life Insurance During the Pandemic

couple at a meetingThe popularity of life insurance has grown during the pandemic. Here’s why it’s a wise purchase. Read on for details.

Social Security Adjustments for 2021

The Social Security Administration (SSA) made two decisions regarding earning limits and cost of living increases that positively affect monthly benefits.Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – January/February 2021

Can Employers Legally Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations?

vials of medicineUnless your state government enacts mandatory vaccination laws requiring it as a condition of employment, you could put your company at legal risk.
Read on for details.


How to Understand the Fine Print

magnifying glass and documentWhile it’s a good idea to read your insurance policy, hardly anybody does. The important thing is to understand what’s in it. Here are a couple of concepts to know about how your insurance works.

Read on for details.

Auto Damage Claims Growing Twice as Fast as Inflation

tree fallen on carThe average payment for auto physical damage insurance claims increased at more than double the rate of inflation from 2010 through 2018, according to a new study from the Insurance Research Council (IRC).

Read on for details.

Should Employees Be Disciplined for Not Social Distancing?

Social distancing and mask wearing have been viewed as important ways to protect people from COVID-19. So, employers enforce these precautions on the job site.
Read on for details.

Personal Lines – Winter 2020

Insurers Handling More Auto Claims with AI

fender benderHigh tech is changing the way claims are processed. Read on for details.

Do You REALLY Know What’s in Your Homeowners Policy?

Are You Covered road signMany homeowners don’t. The Insurance Information Institute surveyed homeowners to find out how well people understand their policies. Here are their findings. Read on for details.

Are You Insuring Your Home to Value?

tiny house modelOkay, you’ve been stuck at home for several months now because of the pandemic and maybe you’ve decided to make the best of your time by working to improve your house. Read on for details.

Why Do People in Horror Movies Never Have Insurance?

Do you ever wonder whether sometimes people in the movies could have avoided a lot of trouble if they just had insurance? Probably not. Only insurance people think about things like that. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to consider how insurance could have been useful in some famous horror movies.
Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – November/December 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on Property and Liability Insurance

hundred dollar bill with maskWhile estimates vary, the insurance industry is currently expected to pay as much as $110 billion in claims related to the pandemic in 2020, according to Lloyd’s. Read on for details.

Who Doesn’t Need Professional Liability Insurance These Days?

doctor and businessmanDoctors, lawyers and accountants aren’t the only people who need professional liability insurance. Read on for details.

Why Almost Every Business Needs Additional Insured Coverage

umbrellasYou have business liability insurance, but it may not provide coverage if you are considered “vicariously liable.” Read on for details.

How the Pandemic Could Change the Future of Work

Mobile apps will be more common. The pandemic has forced many companies to focus more on remote operations, making the use of mobile apps more important.
Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – November 2020

Your Life Insurance Options During the COVID-19 Pandemic

couple at a meetingWith the news media reporting daily on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, it’s not surprising that many people are concerned about whether their families will be taken care of if they contract the disease and die.
Read on for details.

Health Benefit Options for Those Who Are Disabled

doctor with stethoscopeAre you disabled and wondering if you qualify for health insurance at a reasonable rate? Read on for details.

Tips for Saving for Retirement — Even When Budgets are Tight

jar full of changeEven before the pandemic the majority of Americans didn’t have a retirement account. For many, saving for retirement is now harder than ever.
Read on for details.

Depression — No Excuse Not to See a Doctor

Many more people are depressed now than at the beginning of 2020 and experts blame the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, too many people affected by depression and other medical issues are not seeing a doctor. Read on for details.

Employee Benefits Report – October 2020

Prescription Drug Executive Orders’ Future Unknown

dollar sign made from prescription pills
Four orders have been signed, but it’s unlikely they will go into effect before the election. Read on for details about the orders and their possible impact.
Read on for details.

Managing FMLA During COVID-19

mom holding kid wearing mask
The COVID-19 pandemic has created several challenges for employers trying to determine the best way to stay in compliance with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guidelines.
Read on for details.

Important Steps to Take Before Launching Your Annual Benefits Enrollment

open enrollment bookPaper shuffling, bewildered looks, and frantic note-taking. It’s another open enrollment season — the annual 30-day period during which workers choose their benefits for the coming year
Read on for details.

Importance of Flu Shots Heightened During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Health care workers faced a difficult challenge this year — treating patients with the unpredictable COVID-19 virus.
Read on for details.

Insurance Buyers News – September/October 2020

Operating Your Business During the Pandemic

open sign Many businesses have adjusted to the pandemic by implementing work from home arrangements for their employees. This is often an incomplete or inadequate solution though.
Read on for details.

Get Ready for Parametric Insurance

graphParametric insurance is a type of insurance that does not indemnify the actual loss, but pays when something related has occurred with sufficient intensity to justify payment of a loss.
Read on for details.

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella

man with umbrellaIf your business is the typical small or mid-sized business, you probably have somewhere between $500,000 and $2 million in liability coverage under your business owner policy (BOP) or commercial general liability policy. How does umbrella coverage work with these policies to provide extra liability protection?
Read on for details.

What is ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and amendments, which applies to employers with 15 or more employees, says employers cannot discriminate against individuals with disabilities in hiring, promoting, retaining and other aspects of employment.
Read on for details.

Personal Lines – Fall 2020

6 Steps to Hurricane Preparedness

lightning stormAccording to Swiss Re, a storm identical to Katrina in 2005 would today cost at least $200 billion.
Read on for details.

Car Insurance Premiums Trend Lower

toy car and key fobCar insurance premiums are down as compared to other costs, including insurance cost drivers like hospital rates and repair shop costs. Read on for details.

13 Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft

hand stealing card through computer14.4 million consumers were victims of identity fraud in 2018, according to the 2019 Identity Fraud Study from Javelin Strategy & Research.
Read on for details.

When to Create a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory may seem like a bother. But the day will come when you will be glad you did.
Read on for details.